February 2007

Hall Chrysler-Jeep Intern Honored

On Friday, February 16, General Motors CEO and Virginia native, Rick Wagoner, paid a visit to Virginia Beach to honor the 10,000th intern of the national Automotive Youth Education Systems. AYES is an industry sponsored education program for training auto technicians. The 10,000th intern, Chris Shahsiah, trains at the MileOne owned Hall Chrysler/Jeep on Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Rick Wagoner, current Chairman of AYES, notes the significance of the 10,000th intern and of the program itself. "The continual growth of this program and the placement of even more skilled technicians are extremely critical for all of us in the automotive industry," Wagoner said. "AYES is an extraordinary opportunity for us to share our collective passion for the automotive industry by educating, inspiring and motivating the technicians of tomorrow," Wagoner said. "Each year our student participation increases by more than 20 percent, with a record 1,800 participants enrolled last year, leading up to the historic 10,000th placement this summer."

Shahsiah, who will be a senior in the fall, is currently employed by Hall Chrysler of Virginia Beach, as a mentored intern and is a dedicated student with a 3.0 grade point average. Shahsiah's work ethic led him to be the team leader in his class and lab at school, and the automotive tech student looks forward to working in the real-world environment of the dealership this summer. "It is an honor and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be recognized as the 10,000th AYES intern," Shahsiah says. "The program's in-class instruction, combined with real-world working experience has convinced me that this is the career I want to pursue."

Thad Nowak is the president of Hall Automotive, a MileOne company, the region’s largest dealer group. Nowak said that he appreciated the visit from Wagoner. “He has had a very, very tough couple years behind him, particularly in the domestic industry,” Nowak said. “He has never wavered.”

MileOne Automotive has 65 dealerships and 27 brands located in Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The dealerships that belong to the MileOne Automotive group are Hall, Heritage, Herb Gordon, Mercedes-Benz of Annapolis, MotorWorld, Baltimore Area Saturn Retailers and Tischer.