December 2007

MileOne launches first mobile dealer website

Baltimore, MD — In the rapidly changing world of technology consumers have moved from shopping in local stores to making purchases right from their phone, never having to leave the comfort of their couch. MileOne/Atlantic Automotive realizes the demands of the revolutionized consumer in a revolutionized technological world, and has launched the first dealership mobile website for customers searching for new and used cars.

Our new product provides a full-range mobile website complete with robust text messaging capabilities. Now you can perform new and used car searches, locate dealerships, calculate payments, and apply a myriad of wallpaper and ringtones, all from your phone or PDA.

When asked about the idea of a “mobile” MileOne, David Metter, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “More customers are searching for their new and used cars on the web and MileOne is a market leader whether they're using the computer or a mobile device.”

“We want our customers to have access to MileOne products and services on all three screens. gives the customer access to our inventory and dealership locations on their terms. Customers can even view photos and get turn-by-turn directions to each dealership right on their mobile device," he further explained.

"MileOne Mobile enhances the experience for anyone looking for a new or used car by placing great information right on their mobile device."

According to Metter, before leaving for an afternoon of dealer visits, car shoppers can have their information stored on their mobile device so they don't overlook a single car or dealership on their wish list.

Visitors to any MileOne dealership website can even click the "Send-To-Mobile" link from any used vehicle. MileOne will roll this feature out for their new car inventory in early 2008.

Once the customer has sent the info to their mobile device, a text message appears that highlights the car that they have chosen including price, location, a photo of the car and a phone number for the dealership.

At MileOne, it is one of our goals to develop lasting relationships with the customers and create a user friendly atmosphere online and in our stores. is a monumental leap toward achieving this goal, and guarantees a completely seamless connection with our clientele from the very beginning.